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1/ One account per person

2/ If you don’t maintain a working authentication method your account may be suspended

3/ Inactive accounts may be deleted

4/ As our guest, please enjoy your visit, and help others to enjoy their visit too


1/ Do not link to or discuss sites with adult content, malware or hacking tools

2/ Do not post any copyrighted material unless you have permission

3/ All avatars, personal photos and text must be legal and decent

4/ Posting is a privilege - your right to free speech has some limits

5/ No libellous comments - or potentially libellous comments - we really don’t want to get dragged into any legal action. Even if you are right, or in the public interest, it costs money to hire lawyers

6/ Reviews should be constructive and fair - if you received a bad product or service please take it up with the provider directly


1/ Please respect the views of other members, even if you disagree

2/ No bad language or swearing

3/ Don’t waste other people’s time or our web site resources

4/ Comments criticising a moderation issue are likely to be removed


1/ If you intentionally break our guidelines your account will be suspended

2/ Hostile comments or behaviour will result in suspension

3/ We reserve the right to retain, edit or remove comments and other types of content


1/ Starting a new topic is free of charge

2/ Before starting a new topic please check one doesn’t exist already

3/ Try to stay on topic

4/ Do not post a question or comment that will encourage off topic replies


1/ Please only quote previous posts if necessary for clarity

2/ Do not post messages in UPPERCASE

3/ No excessive punctuation or emoticons

4/ If you use an image make sure it is a reasonable size

5/ Use font styling sparingly - bold and italic usually does the job

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