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  1. Microsoft has revealed details of an incident where an automated process, designed to trigger when custom keys are removed from KeyVault, caused TDE databases to be dropped from Azure on 29 January 2019. Microsoft tried to restore customer data from a five-minutes-ago snapshot resulting in empty databases and new database names for some. Transactions, product orders, and other updates during that five minute period were lost. Compensation is available to affected customers. For more information see
  2. Microsoft Azure has revealed a new encryption offering that is hot on the heels of the AWS Encryption SDK. Azure Storage Service Encryption (SSE) for Data at Rest automatically encrypts your data with 256-bit AES encryption prior to persisting to storage and decrypts prior to retrieval. The encryption, decryption and key management is transparent to users. Azure Storage Encryption can be enabled for new storage accounts using the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) deployment model and is available for all redundancy levels (LRS, ZRS, GRS, RA-GRS).