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Found 3 results

  1. https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-introducing-native-integrated-end-to-end-encryption/ See also https://nextcloud.com/endtoend/ It is planned that the feature is included in Nextcloud 13.
  2. Cryptomator performs client-side encryption for your cloud files. Cryptomator is open-source software available for free download, without registration, for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and iOS, with Android coming soon. By carrying out encryption on the client-side, no unencrypted data is shared with any online service. It can encrypt your cloud files with services such as Google Drive, Mega and Dropbox. The security architecture of Cryptomator includes a virtual filesystem, masterkey derivation, filename encryption using AES-SIV, file header encryption, file size obfuscation, file content encryption, name shortening and a target directory.
  3. The AWS Cryptography team has announced the AWS Encryption SDK to make encryption easier for developers. The library transparently implements low-level details using the cryptographic provider available in a developer’s environment. The library also lets developers choose how they want to protect their encryption keys after use. The SDK supports master keys in AWS Key Management Service (KMS) Ready-to-use samples are provided in the SDK for AWS customers who use AWS CloudHSM or AWS Key Management Service. The open source SDK can be extended to support other key providers. Documentation for the SDK is available on GitHub
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